The V4CR is the rebellious younger brother to the V4SV, sharing the same superbike DNA but differing in attitude and emotion. Its stripped-back fairing reveals Norton’s technical artistry and craftsmanship, naked with nothing to hide. And while the V4CR embraces nostalgic design cues and Norton character, it’s all about the present moment. A modern incarnation of the past. Disclaimer: The V4CR is a prototype and therefore some details may change. The specification will be included in this page when finalised.
For the rider that craves adrenaline, the V4CR stands up to the mark. One of the most powerful British café racers out there wielding 185bhp, it shares the same engineered advancements of the V4SV. Our relationship to the TT is evident in both speed and power, and exposed elements reveal the uncompromising quality beneath.
V4CR in profile
The V4CR bears its shoulders in a firm stance with distinguished air intakes at the front of the bike – visually creating a front-heavy illusion, facing the road in defiance. All structural lines, from the sculpted swingarm to the compact tail unit, fly into the distance. Defining a raw energy that’s wrapped up in a rush. So tactile it transcends the separation between bike and rider, connecting the two as one ready to take on the horizon. All about presence, this super café racer shows up with confidence to the moment. Just like its rider taking life by the reins and seizing every opportunity. The V4SV was born at the TT, but the V4CR follows whatever road it wants.
There’s something about a superbike café racer that defies categorisation and attracts renegades. With the V4CR, we’ve developed a motorcycle that amplifies those emotions in its riders – willing them to dare to be more.
Norton Motorcycles

The re-engineered V4

With the same engine as our re-engineered V4SV, this café racer is in a league of its own. There’s a level of sophistication that matches its performance, every detail naked on display revealing Norton’s renowned artistry. Not only do the front air intakes give the V4CR an aggressive attitude, but they interact with the bike’s engineering, controlling the air around it, amplifying its dynamics.
An engineer checks the V4CR

High quality materials

Carbon fibre fuel tank and body panels

Developed inhouse

V4 1200cc, 72-degree, liquid cooled engine

Strong components

Polished billet aluminium swingarm and frame

Hand-welding to perfection

The modern incarnation

Unapproachable design

Shorter aluminium rear frame and compact tail unit contribute towards the V4CR’s aggressive and dominant stance

Tradition lives on

The road shines bright with a traditionally large and round headlamp fitted with a modern LED unit

Polished & refined

Visible framework and distinguished welds showcase an attention to detail that can only be Norton

V4CR overhead view
The V4CR is an expression of raw energy refined. Stripped-back, every detail that’s visible is the epitome of sophistication. Sharp, lower fairing and upper air intakes square off the front of the bike creating an indomitable effect. But the Norton design DNA, with its compact framework and café racer simplicity, tone that aggression down into a controlled and elegant poise. Available in two colour schemes, the only question is whether you want to own the night in Carbon, or blaze like Summer days in Manx Silver.
V4CR in profile
Disclaimer: The V4CR is a prototype and therefore some details may change. The specification will be included in this page when finalised.

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