First Norton Atelier opens in London


There’s not many firsts left in motorcycling – we’ve been around for most of them – but we’re incredibly proud to announce a new one: the first Norton Atelier has opened in London, breaking new ground for motorcycle retail in the process.

Based at the Bike Shed in Old Street, London, the Atelier is Norton’s first move outside the walls of our HQ in Solihull. Not only is it home to examples of our current model range, including a Commando 961 SP and a V4SV, the Atelier also holds the first items from Norton’s new off-bike collection, created by Savile Row tailor, Nick Tentis.

Nick also worked with us to create the Atelier itself, helping us build a space that presents a vision of where Norton is heading, while also being true to the style and craftmanship running through our heritage. Inside the room is finished with black marble tiles, a custom-made marble plinth and, our personal favourites, a pair of mid-century vintage glass cabinets from an original Dunhill store.

As well as items from the new off-the-bike clothing range, ready to try and take away, you can also book test rides and order new models to be delivered at home, or collected from the factory, there in the store.

The London Atelier is open now, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm. Visit the new Norton Atelier at the Bike Shed, 384 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LT.

Norton Atelier London

Norton Atelier London


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