Norton Motorcycles moves to new headquarters

We’re pleased to announce that Norton Motorcycles has a new home!

We’re pleased to announce that Norton Motorcycles has a new home! Our production team will begin the move to our state-of-the-art facilities based in Solihull, West Midlands, in March to create a stable, long-term future for Norton. We are creating a world-class manufacturing facility that’s designed (initially) for building the orders we have for the current product line-up, and then the range of new products that we’ll be launching in the future.

The new Norton site at Solar Park, Solihull, will be the most high-tech and advanced production facility that we’ve ever had. Whilst the turn-around of the build has been incredible, we’re now focusing on the finer details so that we’re fully functional for production by the end of March (Covid-19 permitting). We will announce a date for the opening of our doors to the public in due course. Huge in both scale and ambition, our new home will be the central hub for all Norton activity, from the showroom and sales floor, to design and engineering, and the marketing and support teams in the offices, too. Our specialist tools have been brought with us, and we’ve invested in brand-new, cutting-edge equipment for our skilled production team to begin manufacturing the best Norton motorcycles in history. It’s an exciting time! We’re truly looking forward to welcoming you to our stunning new headquarters later this year.

We’re working hard on many fronts, although most of our activity is invisible to you now… But that will change! We look forward to sharing more news with you soon.

Norton factory

Norton factory


Evolution of the Norton Motorcycles Logo

109 years ago, the famous Norton logo first appeared on the tank of Norton Motorcycles. Did you know that it was brought to life at a family meal by our founder and his daughter Ethel in 1913?